4 legit reasons why you should make hand creams your new best friend

    4 legit reasons why you should make hand creams your new best friend

    Humans are creatures that believe that the human body is extremely capable in handling any stress posed upon it and mends itself like crazy. We, humans believe that we can get away with everything and just enjoy the momentary fun, indulgence or being lazy. Although our bodies are capable of mending themselves; a little help, a little attention and a little care towards our body goes a long way. You doing your bit, your routines and taking care of yourself, speaks volumes when it comes to your health. 

    With that note, lets deep dive into a specific area in our body, our hands. Hands are the most important, effective and helpful part of our body, assisting us with everything we do daily. 

    What do we do for them in return? 

    • We handle chemicals, meaning strong soaps with bare hands, like washing dishes, and we love to use a lot of dish soap, don't we
    • We wash our hands all the time, thinking that it is healthy, in turn stripping our hands of all the moisture
    • We dont have the time to pat our hands dry, we instead rub them dry in a harsh 6000 grit towel that strips and scratches
    • We do all this and do not attempt to bring moisture or medicine back into the hands, but instead safely skip moisturizing everyday. We moisturize when we feel like it
    • On top of all this, why not pretend that we hate water, and just leave our entire body dehydrated, by drinking the bare minimum everyday

    Simple things, that we believe are harmless lead to the biggest damage that we could bring upon ourselves. 

    These 4 reasons might or might not bring to your attention, just how important hand health is, and why you should moisturize them regularly, but this is our best attempt for you. Please read carefully and comment any questions that you may have, which we will be more than happy to answer. 

    First reason that you should moisturize your hands with a hand cream: 

    1. Moisture Retention - As someone who has traversed this Earth for a considerable amount of time, you should know that everyday is not the same. You could be sitting at home one day, you could be travelling the next, you could be on the plane the next day or in a trek trip with a lot of dehydration. Although you can do your best attempt to replenish by drinking more or less water depending on the environmental need, your body wouldn't catch up with you that quickly. It would take its own sweet time. In that mean time, to avoid your body losing its moisture, you have to restore the loss by adding external moisturization, through hand creams for the hands and other lotions for the entire body. Choosing hand creams with glycerin and/or hyaluronic acid, attracts and binds water to the skin, bringing back the lost moisture on your behalf.
    2. Soft hands are nice to hold and shake - You wouldn't believe it, but the most easy to give and well received compliment is, when you compliment someone's skin. The softness of the skin. A simple handshake that you give to someone, the first impression you make with that person, can easily make a great impression, if you took great care of your hands. I personally love people with soft hands. It shows me that they take the time to take care of themselves. Choosing hand creams with rich shea butter would create a protective layer on the surface of the skin, providing you with softer hands over time, as you use it every day.
    3. Avoid infections - The more dehydrated your skin gets, the most the effect starts showing on the skin in your hands. Especially around the cuticles of your nails. You can start getting flaky skin, that could get irritated and peel off. When you do have such open skin, it is easy for infections to get hold of your affected skin area. If you are at a stage where your skin is peeling off, or you have flaky skin, using hand creams is the best thing, and particularly the use of hand creams with soothing ingredients such as calendula extract, oat extract, wheat extract and aloe vera. These ingredients calm the irritation and prevent any infection from forming and spreading.
    4. Postpone dry and aging appearance in your skin - This is again a very impression oriented reason, of why you should start using hand creams regularly. Not what others perceive, but what you would perceive about yourself. If you are not following a good hand care routine, you would slowly start seeing wrinkling owing to loss of elasticity in your skin. Dehydration, flaky skin, moisture loss, and affecting skin with harmful ingredients would have all contributed to making your lovely, soft hands becoming wrinkly and flaky. I mean, normal aging is acceptable, but you bringing things upon yourself and essentially speeding the process of aging, because of not taking proper care of yourself is unacceptable. Choosing hand creams with antioxidants, such as vitamins C and E combats free radical damage, effectively reducing the appearance of wrinkly skin, loss of elasticity. 

    Take Care, 


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