Candles designed to give you the maximum burn

    Start using candles that are hand-made, burn evenly and provide a great scent throw!

    Intensely Aroma Every time

    Fragrant upon opening, while lit, and after extinguishing.

    We have experimented and mastered the choice of oils and fragrance concentration used to make the candles, so that they do their job perfectly. Be aromatic. Intensely Aromatic.


    Giftable packaging that is also recyclable!

    Cardboard black boxes, paper tissues, aluminum tins, cotton wicks paired with some great candle philosophy in each packaging. That is how we are eco-friendly!

    a quote for every candle

    Fragrance x Philosophy

    Each fragrance concocted at hues000 takes us into a different olfactory, aesthetic and philosophical experience.


    Good things come in small packages!

    A cute little corked vial housing with beautiful black matches with a white tip, embracing our brand colors, inside every candle box!


    Hues000 candles are actually Vegan-friendly

    We work with soy wax, which is a renewable resource sourced from the plant material soybeans, which means there are no toxic fumes and soot released from it when the candle burns, just aroma!

    Double-wicked Candles

    Even burn, no tunnelling and no scraping wax

    Our candles are double-wicked, meaning we use two wicks placed equal distance apart inside our containers, and every time our candle burns to the edge of the container. You just have to let the candle burn until it reaches the edge and it will!!

    XS to XL

    Shop from 5 different sizes of candles

    Pick your candle size based on your varying portability and location needs, but all are made using the same formula, to give you the best burning and aesthetic performance!

    • Artisan Made

      Our dedication to the artisanal process ensures that each item is imbued with quality, authenticity, and a personal touch that sets us apart.

    • Made in Australia

      Hues000 proudly offers products made in Australia, reflecting our commitment to quality, sustainability, and supporting local communities.

    • Eco-Friendly

      Our commitment extends beyond the formulation of our products to include conscientious packaging decisions aimed at reducing environmental impact.

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