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    Our new fragrance collection is here!

    Explore the pinks of Hues000 through our most deliciously sweet Love Spell fragrance! Concocted with tones of berries, coconut, vetiver, vanilla, fig and caramelized candy, this aroma is sure to make you fall deep into a love spell, releasing you into ultimate freedom!

    The Love Spell Collection

    "The spell that real love puts you under, is one that liberates your soul forever. FREEDOM" - Madhu Mohan

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    Let's talk about Hues00, Pure Soy Wax, Eco-Friendly Candles

    • Are you looking for non-toxic candles, that are soot-free, friendly to the environment, people and pets? Look no further. Explore our 5 collections of 190G Tin Candles including, Game-night Candles, Date-night Candles, Mood Boosting Candles, Energy Candles & Wellness Candles!
    • Hues000 Candles offer 4 important features, which includes an intense fragrance that traverses across rooms and floors, a no tunneling guarantee in every candle made producing an even burn, a long-lasting candle burning experience, with a tin candle lasting for more than 30 hours and candle made of eco-friendly soy wax, producing a clean, non toxic burn.
    • We have experimented our candles vigourously to produce a luxurious, fragrant, clean, pet-friendly and even burning candle that you can rely on for when you want to treat yourself or a friend.
    • Made in Australia, in a small artisan studio in the Western Hearts of Sydney, we aim to bring the best candles to you through our e-commerce presence and a slowly expanding retail presence. For more Candle Tips, New Products and Home Decor stuff, subscribe to receive our updates.