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    Candle Discovery Set

    Candle Discovery Set

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    3 in 1 Candle Experience: One for your family, One for your friend & One for you!!

    Start redecorating your me-time spaces with Hues000’s Candle Discovery Set, letting you choose 3 unique intensely fragrant, eco-friendly candles that speak your mood! 

    Enjoy Candles that become your cozy space feature, offering a sense of calm, mindful thoughts and joy during your me-times or sit aesthetically in your home showcase as keepsake or as a beautifully wrapped gift to give away!!

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    Wax Used: Soy Wax
    Wick: 2 x Cotton Wicks
    Scent: scents of your choosing
    Scent Strength: Intense


    Your goal with a candle might be to create an ambience, soak its fragrance in your room and enjoy it while you paint or make the atmosphere cozy for your guests or simply read with it, but we see candles having an alternate purpose, being your productivity companions...

    To be productive is to understand how to distribute your moods. When you look at a burning candle though, how it tirelessly burns until the end of it's wick, There is no perfect mood to be productive, you have to create it!

    Use it as you like!

    Hues000 Candle Companions!!!

    Light it anywhere, anytime with the handy matchbox complimentary.

    Each candle is prepared in individual batches with at most care to produce a candle with the perfect fragrance load and colour.

    What's in the box

    • 3 x 190G candle tins
    • 1 x Hues000 Signature Matchsticks Vial 
    • Candle motivation/productivity card

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    A Hues000 Candle Making Movie

    Hues000 Candle Discovery Set

    1 for your family, 1 for your friend & 1 for you!

    3 in 1 Candle Discovery Set

    Enjoy intensely aromatic, eco-friendly, natural soy wax candles, that light up your environment & mood, also providing a soot-free burn from the cotton wicks letting you discover new self-care routines!

    Enjoy a complimentary matchstick vial

    Good things come in small packages!

    A cute little corked vial housing with beautiful black matches with a white tip, embracing our brand colors, inside every candle discovery set!

    reimagine & redecorate your cozy spaces

    Friendly to the planet, your pet & you

    • All natural eco-friendly soy wax candles
    • Soot-free cotton wicks
    • Even burn (no tunnelling) with two wicks in every tin
    • Candle Tins that can be re-purposed
    • Giftable yet recyclable packaging

    Candles for productivity, wellness, stress-relief, mindfulness, rituals, ambience, coziness and many, many more.

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    • No tunnelling guarantee

      Hues000 double wicked tin candles burns evenly with no wax left in the container for you to scrape out. Enjoy all of your candle!

    • Vegan Soy Wax

      All our candles are made using Soy wax, which comes from a plant source, Soy bean, friendly to the planet and people

    • Long Lasting

      If properly tended to, our candles provide a burn time of atleast 30 hours or more, translated as 2 weeks in relaxation time.

    • Intensely Fragrant

      We add a 6% fragrance to all our candles to ensure that there is both an intense cold throw and hot throw from the candle


    Where can I light the candles?

    • You can light your candles anywhere, but don't leave them completely unattended anywhere!
    • Use them as your worktime, productivity companion, or during your selfcare and me-time routines!!
    • Add your candles to any of your cozy and aesthetic spaces such as to your bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchen and living!!

    Are the Candles Eco-Friendly?

    The Candles are made of all Natural Soy Wax, Soot-free Cotton Wicks & come in fully recyclable packaging! They are very much zero-waste!!

    Will you provide shipment tracking details?

    All orders will be shipped via Australia Post and a tracking number will be provided to track your order

    How many candles are in the Candle Discovery Set?

    The Candle Discovery Set comes with 3 candle tins (each 190G) of your choice. You can choose from the checkbox options before you add to cart. There is also a complimentary Matchstick Vial included in every Candle Discovery Set!

    Are the Candles Fragrant?

    The Candles are intensely fragrant and can aromatize an entire room (medium-large sized). You can smell it as soon as you open the outer package! The aroma will definitely impress you!!