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    Milk Chocolate Soy Candle

    Milk Chocolate Soy Candle

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    The experience of this candle starts from opening the black candle tin, embodying the russet brown colored candle... Light the cotton wick and start experiencing the cocoa solids, cocoa liquor, sugar, vanilla and all of the happy vibes that you feel after consuming the velvety chocolate goodness!

    Treat yourself to the aroma of sweet, velvety, cocoa Belgium goodness. the endorphin rush takes you to a nostalgia of the little achievements and big, sweet rewards of childhood. Nothing comes easy, and to enjoy the pleasure of chocolate is to process seeds of passion, creativity, and utmost hard work. Poured in the color russet brown it is passion, labor, and euphoria in the form of a candle!

    Product Info

    Wax Used: Soy Wax
    Wick: 2 x Cotton Wicks
    Scent: Milk Chocolate
    Scent Strength: Intense
    Approx. Burn Time: 30+ hours
    Volume: 190 G
    Colour: Russet Brown
    Tin Size: 7 cm x 5 cm


    Your goal with a candle might be to create an ambience, soak its fragrance in your room and enjoy it while you paint or make the atmosphere cozy for your guests or simply read with it, but we see candles having an alternate purpose, being your productivity companions...

    To be productive is to understand how to distribute your moods. When you look at a burning candle though, how it tirelessly burns until the end of it's wick, There is no perfect mood to be productive, you have to create it!

    Use it as you like!

    Hues000 Candle Companions!!!

    Light it anywhere, anytime with the handy matchbox complimentary.

    Each candle is prepared in individual batches with at most care to produce a candle with the perfect fragrance load and colour.

    What's in the box

    • 1 x 6oz candle tin
    • 1 x matchsticks glass vial 
    • Candle motivation/productivity card

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    • No tunnelling guarantee

    • Vegan Soy Wax

    • 30 hour burn time

    • Intensely Fragrant

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